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Rice ball in a sailor suit.

I don't understand why people feel the need to make a comment every time I wear my hair up. WHAT DOES IT MATTER.
I realize I don't really wear it up often but I'm trying to not wash it every single day and sometimes I'm running late, and sometimes it's just nice to throw it up once in a while! LEAVE ME ALONE.
Legitimately every time I have it up somehow, someone makes an annoying comment. Not even a nice, "hey, your hair looks good up!" No. It's always a smart comment about it and trying to joke. Stop it.

The public is rude.

I'm really sad I was too poor to try and get a BTS ticket when they went on sale and now scalpers are reselling for SO MUCH MONEY. ;A;
My babies.
I will see you again.
I'll just be patient and try and find cheaper tickets.

I took a nap today. Oops.
But it felt great.

I also started reading the Fruits Basket manga.
I'm super pumped.
I don't know why I haven't started reading more manga earlier because I also need to finish Host Club, which I only have a few volumes left I think.
And I also want to read FMA.
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haru; sarcasm;

Sunday Funday.

I hate working Sunday's.
It's busy and everyone is rude and I have stuff to do and no one leaves me alone.


I also want a job where I don't have to wear twelve layers of clothing, no matter what the temperature is outside, because inside the store is always negative degrees.

I need to start a new anime.
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Kyo-Kyo's a stud.

Wow, super impressive. I'm so proud of me. LOL.

I want to play the Sims. I haven't played it in a good month or so but I got the Cats and Dogs one and I need to mess around with it.
So much has changed since Holly, Ashly, Steven and I used to play the first two. GOOD TIMES.

I also really want to play DDR again, but Holly has the PS2. I should probably get that from her...

One day, I'd really like to have a job that I continue to like and not get sick of. I'm tired of being bugged and called to come in on days that I REQUESTED off. I don't ask for many days off at all, and the last four that I have, someone else has called off. NOT MY PROBLEM. I needed the day off for a reason. It's not just a random day off.
I'm tired of the public. As time goes by, they just all get rude and miserable. I'm sure a lot of it is because this cold weather has just been dragging on, but that's no reason to be crabby to me. Where has respect gone? I'm polite to you, so the least you could do is be polite back. I don't expect you do hold a conversation with me. I simple hello can do wonders.

Anyway, I'm done ranting on that subject for the time being.

It also bums me out when I talk about wanting to find my own place. Don't get me wrong, I love my mom and would live with her forever if I could, but I'm 23 now and Robert and I have been together for almost two years, so it would be kind of nice to have our own place. But every time I mention it to anyone, they act like it's a terrible idea and either change the subject or just put me down. I realize that things cost a lot of money, I know we are going to struggle, but hasn't everyone at some point in their life?
I already work six days a week and struggle to help my mom out with bills now, so what's the difference?


I guess I should be an adult on my day off and go clean the house or do some laundry.
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The nostalgia is real.

Every time that I check my old journal, I cringe, and because I didn't post all that often, every single post started with a "wow, I haven't posted in so long blah blah blah".
I'm not gonna lie, I wish greatestjournal was still around, and everyone used it along with livejournal the way it used to be used.
I've been feeling super extra nostalgic lately. I looked back at a few somehow saved GJ entries on the wayback time machine website thing (and also cringed), I watched all of FMA again on Netflix and now I'm watching Fruits Basket. It brings back all those fun times of being a kid where you weren't so stressed and worried all of the time. Friends came over and chilled, family stayed over all of the time. Summer ended up being spent staying up all night, watching so many fun things, riding golf carts, swimming all hours of the day.

I need to remember that while it's good to look back on some of those memories, I can't keep trying to live in the past. It's time to face the music of being an adult, even if it involves being constantly stressed and stuck working all of the time.

No one probably gets on anymore to read entries anyway, but it's cool. I might try and post in this some more, like I've said in the last however many entries and then didn't do it. IDK. It might be nice to post in here. I kind of miss it. Although I'm no longer a dorky teenager posting stupid things, I'm now a 23-year-old adult that will also post stupid things and complain about life and if I look back on these entries ten years from now, I'll probably still cringe at how lame I was.

It's also funny how all of my entries used to be just random things that were happening at the time. They didn't have paragraphs in them. Well, if they did, it was extremely rare.

I wrote like this.

Oh wow, I just had a cup of coffee.

Now I'm listening to whatever is playing on the TV.

Oh look, someone is up now.

I miss Ashly. (I literally wrote this in every post. Unless she was staying with us.)

It was kind of fun writing random sentences of whatever was going on while someone was updating their journal.

Ahh, the memories.
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dance shoes;

hello, hello.

I suppose it's time for an update.
And for this update, I shall post pictures from my trip to Pittsburgh and also Cedar Point because I have no life and I don't want to put them on facebook.

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Bramble Blast.

I can't quit listening to this.
I love it.<3

Now I really want to go play some Donkey Kong!

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half-pint bean sprout midget.

I woke up at 3:00PM today!
Obviously my body needed the rest.



I just made a bologna and cheese with miracle whip and cheddar fries sammich for my momma and I.
It's super yummy.
No lie.

Hey Arnold! is on again!
I love the 90's shows.
I need new shoes.
I want cute ones.
and I want cute heels too.

I can't wait to go to college and not be judged for things I wear.
I'm super excited, although I will end up missing high school, so I'm not going to rush it at all!

I think my mother is making a pork roast tomorrow.
Mmm, with barbeque sauce.

Eww, Eugene just puked from riding the bus.
And now Rhonda is getting her eyes checked and can't read the letters.
I know how you feel!  :'(

Well, I suppose this entry is coming to an end.
I wish you guys could see how many typos I have since my brain keeps going faster than my fingers.
It's a lot.

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Ayo, when it gets tough.

I'm updating?
It's been so long!
I'm such a horrible journal writer. :(

Hey Arnold! is on.  :3
And if you think I'm totally watching it, you're right.

Cheddar fries and miracle whip is what I'm devouring right this second.
It's teh yummeh.

Well, Holly and I went to the coffee shoppe today and got some yummy drinks.
Yay for coffee shoppe!
And then, we went back to her apartment and tried super hard to paint my nails the cool way.
Well let's just say that it didn't want to work.

So today we had to collect cans for our canned food drive and I went to the elementary with Megan.
There were a fabillion cans, so we waited for someone to bring a cart and decided that we would start carrying some over.
She took a box filled with cans and I took a few bags.  Lauren brought a couple bags along as well and we went into the elevator.  Lauren decided she was going to go and wait for someone to bring the cart, so Megan and I went down with the giganormous amount of cans.
While she got the easy box to carry, I had to carry like eight bags full of cans.
As we got closer to the tunnel that leads into the high school, TWO BAGS RIPPED and cans spilled all over.  And then more cans were randomly falling all over the place somehow.
I got angry and dropped the bags on the floor and said I was done.  Then I proceeded to pick up a few of the bags that weren't destroyed and walked away.
While walking down the tunnel, the group of people were coming up with the cart and I told them of my mess and I was sorry that bags had unfortunately ripped.  :(
Poor cans.


These cheddar fries are SO GOOD.  >.<


Well... nothing else very eventful happened today, and there is nothing random going on that I can update with.

I wanna build a snowman.


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